Purpose of using a search engine

We asked them why they usually use search engines instead of SNS when doing research on the Internet. Most people said they searched for “words or people they don’t know (77.4%). 2nd place was News (50.2%),” and 3rd place was .Hobby-related matters (48.4%).” What is the purpose of using a search engine? Next, we asked 92 people who answered. I remember the last keyword. I looked up using a search engine. which keywords they actually looked up. protein whey soy Sotheby’s Kaitai Shoki. How to return wood ear mushrooms Impact of strong yen Sunscreen recommended. Summer campsite weather Ophthalmology Neighborhood barbecue Teriyaki without mirin Tokyo Nagoya Shinkansen Accommodation Yuzuru Hanyu retires Somen is delicious excel square Diarrhea doesn’t stop Since when did I test positive for coronavirus?

Answer with a single search

To the 92 people who responded above. When asked about the number of searches for Phone Number List the most recent keyword. 41.3% answered that they found the answer in one search. Researching the number of searches for keywords Next, 31.5% answered that they had conducted two or three searches, indicating that more than 70% completed their search within three searches. summary As a result of conducting a survey on user search behavior, we found many points that users look at when searching for answers.

Conduct questionnaire surveys

As expected, many users responded that they looked at the “top articles displayed in search results” or “the information that Afghanistan Phone Number appeared at the top.” On the other hand, about 20% of respondents answered that they look at “solve the problem on the search results screen” or “other people also asked this question”, indicating that some people complete their search without looking at the article. . Among other tabs such as “Images,” “News,” “Videos,” and “Shopping,” the “Images” tab was particularly viewed, indicating the high need for image search measures. Nile’s Marketing Consultation Office will continue to conduct questionnaire surveys regarding SEO and Google. Nile provides SEO consulting services and SEO in-house production services. Please feel free to contact us.


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